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When faced with the aftermath of tree removal, you might wonder what to do with the surplus of wood chips from stump grindings and tree trimmings. It’s a common scenario, and if you’re wondering what to do with these woody leftovers in Australia, you’re in the right place. This guide will explore the creative and practical applications of wood chips from stump grindings, tree pruning, general tree care and other sources. Let’s dive in!

Immediate Uses for Wood Chips After Tree Removal

Mulch for your garden

Wood chips serve as an excellent natural mulch for your garden. They help retain soil moisture, preventing it from evaporating too quickly. This is particularly beneficial in dry regions of Australia, where water conservation is crucial. Wood chips also help regulate soil temperature, keeping it cooler during the summer days and warmer during chilly nights.

Fuel for your fireplace or wood stove

To use wood chips as kindling for your fireplace or wood stove, ensure they are dry. Damp wood chips won’t catch fire easily. Store the wood chips in a dry place or cover them with a tarp to protect them from moisture. You can combine them with dry leaves or paper to help ignite the fire.

Using wood chips as kindling is not only practical but also eco-friendly. It’s a sustainable way to start your fire, especially if you have abundant wood chips from a recent tree removal. Their small size allows for quick ignition, making it easier to maintain a cosy fire during the colder months.

Play area for kids

If you have children, turning your wood chips into a play area is a wonderful idea. To create a safe play space, clear the area of any rocks or sharp objects.

Then, spread a thick layer of wood chips to provide a cushioning surface. This helps reduce the risk of injuries if kids fall during play. Regularly inspect the wood chip play area for debris, foreign objects, or sharp wood fragments.

Ensure the wood chips are evenly spread to maintain a consistent surface. Educate children about safety guidelines while playing in the area, such as not throwing wood chips or engaging in rough activities to minimise the risk of accidents.

Enhancing Your Landscape with Wood Chips

Natural pathways

Wood chips can be used to create charming, rustic pathways in your garden or backyard. These pathways add character and functionality to your landscape. To build them, outline the desired path, clear the area of grass and weeds, and then spread a layer of wood chips to create the pathway.

Over time, the wood chips will settle and create a stable surface. These pathways also serve as a practical solution for preventing soil erosion, especially on sloped terrain. The wood chips help to stabilise the soil and keep it in place during heavy rains, protecting your garden from erosion.

Building material

Wood chips can be transformed into a sustainable building material for various DIY projects. They can be mixed with cement or clay to create a natural-looking, eco-friendly material that can be used to construct garden walls, borders, or other small structures. This is an excellent way to reduce waste and adds a unique touch to your outdoor living space.

Mix wood chips with cement or clay in the desired proportions to create this natural building material. The wood chips provide a textured, rustic appearance while strengthening the structure. This environmentally friendly approach to construction is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Garden sculptures and art

Wood chips can be transformed into unique garden sculptures and art installations. With a bit of creativity and the right tools, you can turn wood chips into captivating outdoor art pieces that add personality and style to your garden. Whether a sculpture, mosaic or other artistic creation, wood chips provide a distinctive medium for your outdoor artistic expressions.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Applications


Wood chips can be an invaluable addition to your compost pile. They provide carbon-rich material that balances the nitrogen-rich green waste. Shredded wood chips can help maintain the ideal carbon-to-nitrogen ratio in your compost, aiding in decomposition and producing nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

Wildlife habitat

Wood chips offer an ideal habitat for various wildlife species, including insects, fungi, and small animals. Creating piles or logs of wood chips in your garden provides shelter and food sources for these creatures. It’s a simple way to promote biodiversity right in your backyard.

Practical Repurposing and Creative Projects

Craft Projects

Wood chips can be an unusual yet fantastic addition to your craft projects. They can be incorporated into handmade paper to create unique textures and patterns. You can also use them in mixed media art to add a three-dimensional element to your creations.

Craft decorative items like coasters, ornaments, or picture frames to get creative with wood chips. Wood chips can be glued onto various surfaces, painted, and sealed for a personalised touch to your home décor.


If you have excess wood chips, consider donating them to local farms or parks. Many agricultural and recreational areas appreciate wood chips for their various uses, such as mulching, soil improvement, and pathway creation. Your contribution benefits the community while reducing waste.

Donating wood chips helps you dispose of excess material responsibly and fosters a sense of community and sustainability. It’s a win-win situation that supports local agriculture and outdoor spaces.

Energy generation

On a larger scale, wood chips can be a renewable energy source. Some power plants use wood chips to generate electricity, tapping into the energy stored within wood. While this might not be something the average homeowner would undertake, it’s worth considering for larger wood chip disposal projects. It’s a sustainable way to contribute to the power grid.

Local recycling centres

If you’re ever uncertain how to best utilise your wood chips or find yourself with more than you can handle, local recycling centres offer a responsible disposal option. Many of these facilities accept wood chips as a valuable resource and may even have specifically dedicated drop-off points for wood chips.

Natural pest control

Specific types of wood, such as cedar and pine, have natural oils and scents that repel insects. You can naturally deter unwanted pests by spreading these wood chips around your garden beds. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides, helping to keep your garden bug-free.

Weed suppression

Wood chips are an excellent weed suppressant. Applying a generous layer in your garden beds creates a natural barrier that hinders weed growth. This reduces the time and effort required for weeding and promotes healthier plant growth.

Functional and Aesthetic Uses

Outdoor furniture

Wood chips can be harnessed to craft various outdoor furniture, including benches, tables, or seating arrangements. This DIY approach offers a sustainable way to create functional pieces that serve your outdoor space and allow you to customise designs to suit your preferences.

Fire pits

Enhance your outdoor entertainment space using wood chips to create a designated fire pit area. Wood chips can be spread around the fire pit for safety and aesthetics, helping to define the space and keep it tidy. It’s a cosy addition to your backyard, where you can gather around and enjoy the warmth of the flames.

Consider the design and safety aspects when creating a fire pit area with wood chips. Ensure the area is well-ventilated and has a non-combustible base beneath the fire pit. Keep a fire extinguisher and safety equipment nearby for added security.

Pet bedding

If you have pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, or chickens, consider using wood chips as bedding material. Wood chips provide insulation, comfort, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. This makes it a practical choice for creating a cosy space for furry companions.

Fencing and privacy screens

Get creative and construct garden fencing or privacy screens using wood chips. This offers a natural and rustic look, adding a layer of privacy and security to your property. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to define your outdoor space while keeping it inviting and harmonious with nature.

Consider the visual impact they create when using wood chips to build fencing or screens. Wood chips can soften the appearance of structures, making them blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while providing the desired privacy.

The Pros Behind Tree Removal

Tree removal is a complex task that typically requires the expertise of trained professionals. Key individuals involved include:

  • Arborists (Tree Surgeons): They assess tree health and determine the need for removal.
  • Tree Removal Experts: Specialise in safely felling and removing trees.
  • Landscape Designers: Plan new outdoor spaces after removal.
  • Environmental Consultants: Assess ecological impact.
  • Local Authorities: May require permits and enforce regulations.

Expert Guidance Elevates Your Wood Chip Ventures

There you have it! Your guide to unlocking the potential of those wood chips from stump grindings, tree trimmings, and other green endeavours. Your outdoor space is on the brink of transformation, and the possibilities are as vast as the Australian horizon.

But before you plunge headlong into your wood chip escapades, consider the wisdom of experts. While we’ve unveiled a wealth of ideas for your wood chips, there may come a time when a professional touch is the missing piece of the puzzle, say if you want a stump removed.

They bring years of experience to the table, ensuring your safety and the success of your projects. So, while you embrace the charm of garden pathways, the beauty of outdoor art, and the eco-friendliness of composting, don’t forget that a team of skilled individuals is ready to back you up.

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